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Mosaic Georgia provides comprehensive direct-services for child, adolescent and adult victims of sexual assault/abuse.  A community 501(c)(3) organization, Mosaic Georgia is a “free-standing” facility designed and equipped to provide confidential and specialized services to meet the distinct needs of sexual assault victims.  Mosaic Georgia has proudly provided services to victims and families for 33 years and has received state and national recognition for its distinction from similar programs. Mosaic Georgia is dedicated to meeting the physical, psychological, and emotional needs of persons victimized by sexual assault or abuse.  All persons are treated with respect and dignity in a safe, caring environment.


Bilingual Legal Advocate/Navigator

This position provides legal and criminal justice system advocacy services for victims and families served by Mosaic Georgia. The bilingual Legal Advocate/Navigator will provide direct assistance for victims and families with issue identification and resources necessary to assist victims work toward economic independence and self-sufficiency after surviving sexual assault or stalking. This is a highly collaborative position that works closely with victims/families; law enforcement agencies; Crime Victims Compensation; schools; numerous social service agencies.

Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Coordinator- Evenings/Weekends

The position of SART Coordinator provides intake, coordination and delivery of direct-victim services for all persons seeking Mosaic Georgia services. The SART Coordinator is responsible for the effective communication, scheduling and delivery of direct-services for persons victimized by crimes of sexual violence and/or child sexual abuse.  All SART Coordinators are trained and qualified Advocates and serve in that capacity (in addition to their SART responsibilities) as needed, or in the absence of a Volunteer Advocate.