A Premier Peer Review for Adult Medical Forensic Exams, created by SANEs for SANEs.

PRO/SANE, Mosaic Georgia’s monthly online peer review, is NOW AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE.

The work of a Sexual Assault Nurse/Forensic Examiner (SANE/SAFE) is important to a community’s Sexual Assault Response Team. The practice requires skill in providing care for patients who experienced trauma, gathering medical history along with evidence for possible criminal investigations. Opportunities for peer review and support are limited, particularly in communities with part-time SANE practitioners.

Mosaic Georgia now offers monthly Peer Review Online sessions for Adult/Adolescent Forensic Medical Exams (FME).  Peer Review Online (PRO) enables Sexual Assault Nurse/Forensic Examiners (SANE/SAFE) to present a case and discuss interpretation of findings, complications with the process, review documentation, request and provide feedback.

Peer Reviews are moderated by experienced SANEs to foster an environment of shared learning and skill-building. The PRO/SANE program will utilize Zoom, a HIPAA-compliant web-conferencing platform. Our online peer reviews are offered every 3rd Wednesday of each month at 12:30pm ET.

Who can join Peer Review Online?

Sexual Assault Centers with a forensic medical practice and hospital-based sexual assault forensic medical programs may join after completing the registration form and confidentiality agreement and payment of the annual fee.  Individual SANE/SAFE practitioners may participate under the registration of their place of practice.

Benefits to Sexual Assault Centers

  • Objective quality assurance resource for your forensic medical program.
  • Ensure your SANE/SAFEs use the latest best practices in forensic medical care.
  • Provide support and objective feedback consistently.
  • Low-cost professional development & continuing education for your SANE/SAFEs
  • No travel time or expense

Benefits to SANE/SAFEs

  • Discuss clinical issues of cases of suspected sexual assault in a professional community of peers.
  • Shared resources, learning and feedback on challenging issues.
  • Enhance the quality of documentation of physical findings in cases of suspected sexual assault.
  • Professional development and proficiency enhancement.
  • SANEs earn 1 Contact Hour for each completed session. 
  • Connect to larger network of SANE practitioners.
  • Remote access to meetings.

What are the expectations of participating sites?

  • Peer Review sessions typically last one hour.
  • Attend on a routine basis (at least 9 sessions per year); the SANE/SAFE participants may vary throughout the year.
  • Complete evaluations required by CEU approver.
  • Take turns presenting cases for peer review two to three times per year.
  • Participate in periodic surveys to help identify trends (reports will be shared).
  • Case topics must be submitted at least one week in advance.

Annual fee breaks down to $100/month, pro-rated based on starting month *One month free trial for new participants.

If you would like more information or have any questions or concerns, please contact Maryam Jordan at or call 770-497-9122, X2046.


PRO/SANE offers engaging and informative case reviews.  What stands out is not only the information from the case reviews and success stories, but you learn hearing from other SANEs on what should have been done that maybe wasn’t or what could have been done differently with the forensic medical exam.  I have learned new tools for assessing my patients and documenting my findings by participating in PRO/SANE case reviews each month.  These sessions are always very friendly and welcoming.   I highly recommend PRO/SANE Online Case Peer Review for both the novice and the expert SANE.


Mosaic Georgia’s PRO/SANE Peer Review has been a great resource for me as a new SANE nurse. Listening to other SANEs present cases has been a great learning experience for me. Also presenting my own case provided an opportunity for me to receive constructive criticism by other nurses who may have taken a different approach on a case. I have been a part of PRO/SANE for the past year and I’m looking forward to the next year of learning.


This year being involved with PRO/SANE has been very beneficial in regard to having other SANEs in my state help me troubleshoot cases that I have experienced in my center. Also, having other presenters provides the opportunity to have more experience with cases that you may come upon in the future. All the SANEs have different knowledge of laws and experience and I look forward to this peer review every month.

The Mosaic Georgia PRO/SANE Case Review is designed for any medical professional that performs the medical forensic examination on patients after the report of a sexual assault.  The meeting offers the opportunity to participate in two case reviews every month on the adolescent or adult patient.  Certified SANEs with years of clinical experience in the field lead the case review, which makes this training extremely beneficial to all who attend, from the novice to expert SANE.  The virtual platform makes attendance easy, and the environment is educational, professional, and open to all to participate. 

 Additionally, the Mosaic Georgia PRO/SANE case review offers the opportunity to network with other SANEs and learn about the practice in their centers in Georgia and other states.  I learn something new from every case review and have greatly benefitted from hearing different perspectives and ways to respond to this population from my colleagues.  Each case review has provided new education or techniques to improve my response to caring for a patient who has been sexually assaulted.  I highly recommend the Mosaic Georgia PRO/SANE case review to anyone that responds to the adult or adolescent patient after sexual assault.