Calling for Board Member
& Advisory Council Member Nominations

Join Us in Guiding Change and Empowering Survivors: Become a Member of the Board of Directors at Mosaic Georgia!


Are you passionate about championing the rights and well-being of survivors of sexual violence and abuse? Do you believe in creating a community where safety, health, and justice are accessible to all? Mosaic Georgia invites dedicated individuals to apply to join  our Board of Directors to further our mission and drive transformative change for survivors and our community. Alternatively, if you know someone else who would be a great addition to our Board, we encourage you to  nominate them below. 

Why Join Us?

By becoming a member of our Board of Directors, you’ll impact the lives of survivors and contribute to the broader movement towards ending sexual violence. Notably, we were the first Georgia center to pioneer sexual assault medical forensic exams outside of hospital settings, demonstrating our commitment to accessibility and client-centered care. Moreover, as the only organization in the United States to integrate comprehensive victim services, we provide seamless and timely access to critical resources for survivors where they feel supported, empowered, and heard.

How to Apply:

If you’re passionate about our mission and eager to make a difference, we encourage you to apply to join the Board of Directors at Mosaic Georgia. Together, we can transform lives, advocate for change, and build a brighter future for survivors and our community.

We are particularly interested in experienced Board members who can contribute skills and networks in these key areas:

  • Real Estate and Facilities Management
  • Fundraising
  • Networks and expertise in Counseling, Mental Health, Healthcare 
  • Community Engagement 
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing and PR

We seek governance and community engagement that reflects the diversity of our community which includes professions, education, life experience, gender, age, race/ethnicity, abilities, family/household, and spheres of connection and influence. Applicants from underrepresented and marginalized groups are encouraged to apply. While our work is based within Gwinnett County, we are eager to engage Board members from across Metro Atlanta.  

Board Member Roles & Responsibilities

Board members are expected to fully participate in the governance and fiduciary oversight of Mosaic Georgia along with actively contributing their time, treasure, talent, and ties to the organization. Specifically, Board members are expected to contribute an annual personal financial contribution, participate in monthly Board and committee meetings, serve as an advocate and ambassador for Mosaic Georgia, and contribute their skills to the organization as appropriate.

Join us in guiding change, empowering survivors, and building a safer, healthier, and more just society for all. Together, we can make a difference. 

If you are interested in engaging with Mosaic Georgia, please click the application below. This application will help us learn more about you as we cultivate relationships for the Board of Directors and the new Advisory Council. What’s the difference between them?

  • The Board of Directors is the governance body of Mosaic Georgia. Members of the Board Directors are expected to support Mosaic Georgia through regular attendance at Board meetings and to Mosaic Georgia public events, promote and connect Mosaic Georgia to diverse constituencies, financially contribute annually according to one’s means, and uphold standards of confidentiality and objectivity and personal ethics. More time intensive.
  • Mosaic Georgia’s new Advisory Council is a supporting body to the Board of Directors and senior staff. It is comprised of people who support Mosaic Georgia’s mission and provide insights to community needs, customer perspectives, expertise on specific subjects, assist with special projects, and serve as policy and funding advocates and ambassadors for Mosaic. Some may serve on Board committees or task forces. Members are expected to participate in at least one Council meeting each year, respond to queries from the Executive Director or Board as needed, and are invited to Mosaic Georgia events. Less time intensive.

We recognize that there are many demands on your time and attention. If you are interested in adding Mosaic Georgia to your action items, please complete the application. We will follow up in the next two weeks to schedule a call or visit.