About Mosaic Georgia

Mosaic Georgia: Sexual Assault Center and Children’s Advocacy Center

Established in 1986 as Gwinnett Rape Crisis, Mosaic Georgia was founded with a singular mission: to provide unwavering support to victims of sexualized violence. Originally focused on offering assistance through a crisis line and accompaniment during forensic medical exams (commonly known as “rape kit” exams), our organization has evolved into a multi-services center with specialized supports for children, teens, and adults.

Our Mission:
To take action and guide change for the safety, health, and justice of children and adults impacted by sexual violence.

Our Commitment:
We offer free, confidential support and services to victims and survivors of sexualized harms including rape, sexual assault, child sexual molestation and abuse, sex trafficking, and technology-facilitated sexual abuse.. We recognize the diverse needs of survivors and offer specialized care to individuals of all genders, regardless of when the violence occurred or whether they choose to report. 

Comprehensive Services:
Mosaic Georgia addresses the unique needs of children, teens, and adults who experience sexualized harms. Our services extend beyond crisis intervention and advocacy to encompass the following:

  • Immediate support and guidance during crises.
  • Advocacy for the rights and well-being of survivors.
  • Tailored support for children experiencing sexualized violence.
  • Creating a safe and child-friendly environment for interviews and assistance.
  • Comprehensive medical services, including forensic examinations.
  • Prioritizing survivors’ physical and emotional well-being.
  • Specialized counselors and mental health services
  • Support Groups
  • Long-term healing and wellness activities
  • Understand the criminal justice process
  • Crime Victims Bill of Rights
  • Personal safety
  • Legal assistance and representation for navigating the civil legal system
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Youth Prevention Programming
  • Community Prevention & Campus Support

Providing training to respond to and prevent instances of sexual assault.

  • Law enforcement & SART Investigations
  • Professionals Engaging with Youth
  • Sexual Assault Forensic/Nurse Examiners

Accessible Support:
Regardless of when the violence occurred or the survivor’s choice to report, Mosaic Georgia is dedicated to offering compassionate care. Our services extend to children, teens, and adults, and we work collaboratively with survivors of all genders.


Caring for Children and Families:
We understand the unique needs of children and their non-offending caregivers. Our approach is centered on providing support with utmost care and empathy.

Mosaic Georgia stands as a beacon of hope, evolving from its roots to become a comprehensive support center for all survivors. Together, we strive towards a community free from sexualized violence, where every individual’s journey towards healing and justice is honored.