Legal Services

In times of crisis, Mosaic Georgia helps to take away the confusion of the criminal justice system through legal advocacy.

Our legal services provided by Mosaic Georgia’s on-staff attorney and legal team may assist with civil matters resulting from the assault. We understand the sensitive nature of these crimes and help to find alternative ways for victims to reach their goal of safety.


What legal services are available?

Attorneys assist victims and their families with civil legal issues resulting from the sexual assault or violence. Issues may include safety, housing, employment, financial, health, or education.

When someone harms you or your loved one with sexual abuse or assault, life as you know it changes.  We know that in most cases (80%), the perpetrator is someone you know and trusted.  That makes everything more complicated.

Legal assistance on civil issues related to sexual abuse or assault may be available if you are:

  1. Worried about your physical safety
  2. Concerned about your children’s safety
  3. Unsure whether to make a police report
  4. Anxious about your privacy
  5. Worried about where you will live
  6. Nervous about your job or school
  7. Concerned how your immigration status affects your report
  8. Confused about the difference between the criminal and civil justice systems

We assist with safety concerns (Temporary Protective Orders and hearings), child custody and visitation issues, service options available for reporting and non-reporting victims of sex crimes, your housing rights, your employment rights, student rights, and civil rights and risks regarding immigration status.

Mosaic Georgia may not provide legal representation in tort (personal injury) cases, child sexual abuse cases, cases involving the child protection system, victim services employee cases and criminal defense of victims charged with crimes.

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