Be A Mosaic Champion or Influencer

Mosaic Champions & Influencers share their unique strengths and networks to further Mosaic Georgia’s mission, enhance our programs, and support survivors in the most effective ways possible. While Champions and Influencers have distinct roles, there are areas of overlap where both can contribute significantly.

Mosaic Champions

Champions are deeply committed advocates, integrating their support for Mosaic Georgia into various aspects of their personal and professional lives. They might not have the extensive social media reach of influencers but have significant influence within their communities or professions.

Roles and Contributions:

  • Community Liaison: Use your connections in the community to introduce Mosaic Georgia to individuals or businesses who may be interested in supporting our mission. As a liaison, you play a crucial role in expanding our network of support and resources.
  • Community Advocacy: Actively speak out on issues related to sexual assault and abuse in community meetings, local events, and personal networks to raise awareness and support.
  • Volunteer Leadership: Lead volunteer efforts, organizing community volunteers for Mosaic Georgia’s events or service days.
  • Event Support: Help organize, promote, and run fundraising events, leveraging personal networks for sponsorships, attendance, and donations.  Represent Mosaic Georgia at health fairs, church fairs, festivals, and other events. 
  • Policy Advocacy: Engage in advocacy efforts for policy changes that protect survivors of sexual assault, using personal stories or data provided by Mosaic Georgia to influence policymakers.
  • Program Support: Offer professional skills to support the organization’s needs, such as legal advice, counseling, or business expertise, directly impacting survivors’ support services.

Mosaic Influencers

Influencers leverage their significant online or public presence to advocate for Mosaic Georgia’s mission. They can reach wide audiences quickly, spreading awareness and mobilizing support through their platforms.

Roles and Contributions:

  • Social Media Campaigns: Utilize their platforms to share information about Mosaic Georgia’s services, survivor stories (with permission), and campaign messages, engaging their followers in the cause.
  • Fundraising Initiatives: Lead or participate in online fundraising campaigns, using their reach to encourage donations and explaining the impact of contributions.
  • Content Creation: Create engaging content that highlights Mosaic Georgia’s work, including videos, blog posts, or social media posts that educate their audience about sexual assault prevention and support.
  • Event Promotion: Use their influence to promote Mosaic Georgia events, increasing visibility and attendance, and possibly participating as guest speakers or hosts.
  • Partnership Building: Help connect Mosaic Georgia with potential partners, sponsors, or other influencers who can further the organization’s goals, expanding its network of support.

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