What is Volunteering?

By: Raheela, Administrative Volunteer


Essentially, it is donating your time and energy to help an individual or organization. Personally, I believe it is one of the most generous ways through which an individual can help others. Although a volunteer is willing to offer so much without expecting anything in return, he or she receives something that is more valuable than any physical gift: fulfillment.

At Mosaic Georgia, we strive to provide support to victims of sexual harm through the multiple advocacy services we provide. During this emotional period, we stand with the victim and his or her family every step of the way. Our group of 22 volunteers is vital in helping us provide support to our community. Volunteers complete 30 hours of special initial training and ten hours of continuing education each year. They support our cause as either Advocate or Administrative Volunteers.

An Advocacy Volunteer works under the Sexual Assault Response Team Coordinator. He or she responds to crisis calls, providing direct support to victims during evenings and weekends. The volunteer emotionally assists the victim throughout the forensic medical exam and law enforcement interview. He or she provides additional resources the victim may need in a safe, caring, and confidential manner.

I support Mosaic Georgia as an Administrative Volunteer. Although I only volunteer once a week, I find the work I do has a strong impact on the functionality of Mosaic Georgia. My day starts with assembling the resource folders we provide to victims and their families. The folder includes information about the victim’s rights, compensation he or she can receive, counseling information, and services that Mosaic Georgia can provide. It includes a brochure that emphasizes the importance we place on Safety, Health, and Justice. After assembling both English and Spanish folders, I help our Outreach staff prepare for any upcoming events. This includes gathering promotional items and preparing the display board for outreach and community education events. By spreading awareness of our cause and our presence in our community, we can educate others on sexual assault and provide resources for its victims. Once a month I focus on maintaining our inventory. It is important that we have adequate supplies, such as snacks for the victims if they need it. Throughout the day I greet visitors and answer phone calls, helping to maintain the friendly and caring environment of Mosaic Georgia.

As someone who cares strongly for people impacted by sexual violence and abuse, I strive to make an impact.