Frequently Asked Questions

Mosaic Georgia is a valuable resource for victims of sexual assault and the local community.

Mosaic Georgia serves as a resource for both victims of sexualized violence and the community at-large. In this section, you will find important FAQ about our services and programs, general information on sexual assault, and much more.


What does Mosaic Georgia do?

Formerly known as Gwinnett Sexual Assault Center and Children’s Advocacy Center, Mosaic Georgia is the only known free-standing sexual assault and children’s advocacy center to provide comprehensive forensic medical and interview services, advocacy support, legal assistance, and psychosocial support under one roof.

We provide free, confidential support and services to victims and survivors of rape, sexual assault, and child sexual molestation and abuse.

We provide sexual assault forensic medical exams and interviews, legal services, information about the criminal justice system, information about victim’s rights and referrals for other services like counseling. Support to children and their non-offending caregivers are offered with care.

Is Mosaic Georgia a new organization?

Our name is new but we began services more than 30 years ago.  Community volunteers worked for two years to launch Gwinnett Rape Crisis in 1987 as a not-for-profit to offer 24-hour “on call” support services to rape victims who presented in the local hospital. By July, 1993, we began providing forensic medical care in our center — a quieter, more comfortable environment than the hospital emergency department.  We changed our name to Gwinnett Sexual Assault Center in 1997 to reflect the broader sexual harms we treat.

By 2001, work with allied partners began to create a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) approach to respond to child sexual molestation and abuse in Gwinnett County.  In 2003, we became a Children’s Advocacy Center with comprehensive services outside the hospital setting.

Today, we serve children, adolescents, and adults who experienced sexual harm who come from many places across Georgia.  There is no charge or co-pay for our services.

Who do we serve?

We work with survivors of all genders regardless of when the violence occurred and whether they choose to report.

Call Mosaic Georgia’s 24-hour toll-free crisis line: 866-900-6019.

Is there a fee or cost for services administered?

No. Our services are provided at no cost to clients and we are focused on ensuring all persons are treated with respect and dignity in a safe, caring environment.

What services are offered to victims of child sexual abuse or sexual assault?

As a Children’s Advocacy Center and Sexual Assault Center, our direct services include:

  • 24/7 crisis line
  • medical exams with evidence collection for children, adolescents and adults
  • allied professional collaboration
  • crisis intervention services
  • child/ adolescent forensic-interviews
  • personal/ family advocacy; medical advocacy
  • legal assistance for victims
  • access to licensed psycho-educational therapeutic support groups
What types of services do we offer to the community?

For the community, services include:

  • Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) coordination;
  • Sexual Harm Prevention outreach and education;
  • Student awareness and prevention of sexualized violence;
  • Georgia SANE/ SAFE education and training programs; law enforcement training;
  • Latin and Asian advocacy with outreach.
What’s a “rape kit”?

Also known as a Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit, this term refers to evidence that is collected by a Sexual Assault Nurse/Forensic Examiner (SANE or SAFE) to assist with investigation of a sex crime.

What type of support is offered through the 24-HOUR CRISIS LINE?

Confidential crisis intervention, support, information and referrals are available 24 hours per day, 365 days each year.  This 24-hour line is also accessible to assist law enforcement and other professionals in need of services and information.

Why would I need a Forensic Medical Exam?

Just like you would go to a specialist for a broken bone or other injury, a medical specialist in sexual abuse or assault is best suited to assess and treat the patient who experienced sexual harm.

The forensic medical exam includes standard health assessment PLUS documentation of injuries and collection of evidence for a criminal investigation.  The evidence must be collected and packaged in compliance with protocols established with law enforcement.  The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner who performed the exam and collected evidence must be available to the prosecutor as the case is prosecuted.

Why go to Mosaic Georgia instead of a hospital?

When a patient comes to Mosaic Georgia after a sexual assault, a specially trained nurse examiner will explain the forensic medical exam process, why some personal questions are asked and how evidence may be collected.  S/he will ask questions about basic health history followed by questions about how and where the person touched your body.  Services may include documentation of assault-related injury and evidence collection not provided by other local general healthcare providers. Exams are completed by specially trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners and evidence is maintained in compliance with law enforcement protocols. Prophylactic medication for commonly acquired sexually transmitted infections and medication to prevent unwanted pregnancy are also available.

What are forensic interviews?

Specially trained forensic interviewers are available to assist with the interviewing of children that may have been victims of sexual abuse.

What are advocacy services?

When a child, teen, or adult experiences a personal violation of sexual harm, many thoughts and emotions run through one’s mind.  The experience is complicated when the person who coerced or forced the encounter is known to or part of the victim’s family or social group. Advocates are safe to talk to and explore options.  There is no judgment.  Adults may choose to receive services without reporting to law enforcement.  We assist with:

  • Crisis intervention and emotional support
  • Completion of the Georgia Crime Victim Compensation application
  • Personal and family advocacy – help identifying and addressing issues that arise from the assault
  • Follow-up medical care and counseling resources
  • Legal advocacy with court accompaniment with support through the process
  • Referrals to independent, professionally licensed counselors
  • Information and referrals
What legal services are available?

Attorneys assist victims and their families with civil legal issues resulting from the sexual assault or violence. Issues may include safety, housing, employment, financial, health, or education.

When someone harms you or your loved one with sexual abusing or assault, life as you know it changes. We know that in most cases (80%), the perpetrator is someone you know and trusted. That makes everything more complicated.

Legal assistance on civil issues related to sexual abuse or assault may be available if you are:
1.     Worried about your physical safety
2.     Concerned about your children’s safety
3.     Unsure whether to make a police report
4.     Anxious about your privacy
5.     Worried about where you will live
6.     Nervous about your job or school
7.     Concerned how your immigration status affects your report
8.     Confused about the difference between the criminal and civil justice systems

We assist with safety concerns (Temporary Protective Orders and hearings), child custody and visitation issues, service options available for reporting and non-reporting victims of sex crimes, your housing rights, your employment rights, student rights, and civil rights and risks regarding immigration status.

Mosaic Georgia may not provide legal representation in tort (personal injury) cases, child sexual abuse cases, cases involving the child protection system, victim services employee cases and criminal defense of victims charged with crimes.

What services are offered for law enforcement and other professionals?

Mosaic Georgia’s professionals have credentials and experience to provide training and technical services to law enforcement, medical professionals, and educators on issues related to sexual assault and abuse including:

Suspect Offender Forensic Medical Examination/Assessment
Medical exam/DNA collection of suspected offenders; only when authorized by law enforcement and appropriate court order. These exams are NOT conducted at the Center.

Court Testimony
Provide testimony and expert witness for cases that go to court.

Research & Information
Law enforcement and prosecutors may access data for research studies, case references, and
professional links to aid in the investigation and prosecution of sex offenders.

Professional Training
Mosaic Georgia’s credentialed team provide professional training to:

  • Law enforcement personnel
  • District Attorney offices
  • Medical and hospital professionals
  • College staff and students
  • School guidance counselors, social workers, educators
  • Nurses seeking Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) designation

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