Housing Navigation Services

We assist clients with urgent housing problems and longer-term housing problems due to the victimization. Services include housing navigation, financial assistance, and comprehensive housing counseling.

Why Housing?

Most sexual abuse/assaults are committed by someone who lives with or near their victim.  Many assaults occur in the victim’s home (percentages vary depending on the age of the victim). Understandably, it is difficult to feel safe at home if it has not been a safe place.

What is a Housing Navigator?

This person is experienced in all issues related to setting up and maintaining a home and assists clients with assessing their housing situation and their safety and security needs. They listen for your goals and gather resources to help you achieve safe, stable housing.  The housing navigator can do some of the research and task work so you can focus on other things.


What is Housing Counseling?

Once you are settled in a safe place, we offer housing counseling services, consistent with national HUD standards. With your longer-term goals in mind, we discuss the elements that contribute to your goals:  income, employment, education, credit report, savings, expenses, judgments/liens, legal issues, etc.   Then you create a manageable plan so you can make progress each week or month toward your goal.  The housing counselor/navigator will provide assistance as requested every step of the way.

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