Colectivo de Totalidad de Mosaico


El Wholeness Collective is a trauma-informed healing and wellness program enhancing Mosaic Georgia’s mission by extending care beyond our established crisis response period. Our goal is to encourage and support long-term healing and wellness.

Who is the Collective for?

Our health and wellness activities are designed for adult and youth survivors of sexual assault, sex trafficking, domestic violence, etc. Survivors of violence, crime, or abuse are at greater risk of experiencing additional victimization over the course of their lives. Our goal is to intervene with engaging healing & wellness activities that facilitate the mind-body connection for personal growth and resilience.

What types of “healing and wellness” activities?

We offer different approaches such as:

  • Artes curativas

  • Artes creativas

  • Movement arts

  • Meditation and mindfulness classes and groups

  • Educación nutricional

  • Outdoor-based healing groups

  • ¡Y más!

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I’m a survivor and this would help me a lot! How do I join the Collective?

Click here to fill out our Participant Interest Form. You can also view all of our Próximos Eventos and register for activities and classes that interest you!

I want to show support. How can I get involved?

Are you a facilitator who can lead trauma-informed healing and wellness activities? Or an organization whose clients could benefit? Let’s chat! Fill out this Formulario de interés de asociación. For more information or inquiries, you can reach the Wholeness Collective Coordinator, Ashia Gallo, at

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